K-Series DLC Connector pinout

K-Series DLC Connector pinout

DLC Connector Pin locations:

The pinout at the diagnostic port is as follows:
pin 4 (Black) is chassis ground TIES IN WITH E7
pin 5 (Brown/Yellow) is LG3 logic ground from ECU pin E3
pin 7 (Light Blue) is “K-Line” (2-way OBDII serial communications line) to ECU E23
pin 9 (Brown) = SCS (Service Check Signal) line to ECU pin E29
pin 12 (Red/white) = write-enable signal to ECU pin E30 (for rewriting the ECU)
pin 14 (Gray) = +5V from immobilizer control unit pin 3 (probably for rewriting immobilizer codes)
pin 16 (White/Red) = +12V battery voltage (from #9 BACKUP fuse 7.5A) TIES IN WITH E9

Another way to do this would be to (4) Ground ECU pin E29 (9), and then you should get the CEL flash code.

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