Rywire’s Project E-AT – Updating A Classic

Rywire’s Project E-AT – Updating A Classic

Ryan's E-AT build "could have been much, much simpler. A basic suspension set up to get the car lowered, no DBW, no SmartWire, just a basic swap and off-the-shelf harness to finish things up, but that simply isn't Ryan Basseri's style."


Rodrez writes:


"The cover car of November 2013's HondaTuning Magazine issue is an old school Civic chassis that features an updated powerplant and some cutting edge electronics. The idea of the restomod in the Honda world is nothing new, but as with any of his builds, Ryan Basseri of Rywire.com always seems to find a way to go the extra mile. The powerplant of choice is a '98 ITR engine with Kinsler 55mm individual throttle bodies. While that particular engine combination isn't out of the ordinary, the fact that Ryan's throttles rely on modern drive-by-wire technology, and are stuffed under the cramped space provided by an E-AT chassis, certainly is"


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